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10 Wonders vodka can do that you never know

In our everyday life, we search for many remedies for some small problems. Be it a health related issue or fixing some other problems, we seek help of many things. What if we say that alcohol also helps as remedies for many such kind of issues? It sounds strange right! but its true ‘Vodka’ helps a great deal in many issues that we face at our home. Still not trusting? just have a try and believe it on your own.

1. No more smelly feet

2. Used as Disinfectant during cuts

3. Make shoes free from dirty smell

4. Mouthwash source

5. Can be used as Hand sanitizer

6. Treats toothache

7. Relieve from Heal cold sores

8. Ice pack

9. Can be used as hair rinser

10. Or just drink it!