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12 Hilarious pics of awkward things done by some crazy people

There are some category of people who always wants to do crazy things to do. But in that process they make their works more difficult and struggle. Some think its due to their senseless approach to the things they do and some think the crazy things they do are just the stupid things. In simple terms smart people make difficult tasks as easy ones and crazy guys make simple things as tougher things. When seen such people in this world surely one cannot stop their laugh and here are such 12 crazy pictures

Think different he says

The moment where the old woman forgot to read the notice


How did he able to get there?

Isn’t it cool  😀

OMG!! her head turned 365 degrees or what?

Too tired to turn the lappy

How dedicated he is towards the game!


Headphones turned to hatphones


Permanent markers means they stay permanently :D