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15 Hilarious photos that were taken just before the epic fails

Photographs generally stay as great memories of our past. Clicking some photographs for any special occasion in our life gives us a nice feeling. When it comes to the other photos that we see on the internet like social sites, some of those look so pretty that were captured from the most beautiful places in the world and some others are disturbing which are caught during the dangerous accidents like stuff. Apart from all the above mentioned categories of pictures, there are few pics which are so funny that they are caught just before the epic fails. Here are list of 15 such photos that are very hilarious

When the water goes up and over

Just before the jaw breaking incident

Oh no!! fruits roll over

Never again comes in the way

Oops!! it just slipped

LOL! its weird

Sometimes background is more important

Very scary

Just in the right place

But why do you take that risk?

Ice burst

Too chilled

Tough feeling when you drop your favourite beer

Don’t turn around

Party spoiler