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5 Amazing countries that offer visa on arrival

Getting visa for a  country is not an ordinary issue.Especially if it is in the case of countries like united states,the chance of getting visa approval is really tough.This is the reason most of the people apply for the visa before several months before theor actual program…and some people cancel their programs if visa is not approved by the country.! But,some countries offer visa on arrival which is a very goos news for most of the people waiting to go abroad.So get ready to see the top 5 countries that offer visa on arrival.


This country is located in middle east.It is the beautiful Arab kingdom in the Middle East offers visa on arrival.The ancient rock city is also very famous in this country.

Petra - "The Rose City"


Mystical ruins of Cambodia are very famous in this country.

Bayon - The Khmer temples of 12th Century


It is one of the best honey moon spots all over the world and the first option for many newly married couple.It is also one of those countries offering visa on arrival.

The Over water bungalows in Fiji


One of the mostly visited tourist destinations.It is the best place to visit the Uluwatu temple, scale Mount Bromo adn the Ubud monkey forest.

Pura Tanah Lot Temple - Bali

5.Hong kong

If you are staying lessthan 14 days in this country then getting visa for this country is very easy.

Disneyland - Hong Kong