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7 Dangerous roller coaster accidents happened that will bring chills in your spine

Roller Coaster, almost everyone of us love to have a ride in it. Specially, the persons who always love to do exciting things wish to take huge roller coaster rides. But unfortunately these fun rides have sometimes turned to be the deadly disasters. Keeping in the magnitude of damage that the roller coaster accidents can create, the operators generally take many cares and precautions before a ride. But how many the cares may be taken, sometimes the accidents just happen very unfortunately. Here are 7 such scary roller coaster accidents that will make chills in your spine

1 The Big Dipper

This was the roller coaster in England in 1972 and the tragedy happened when a cable wire of  one of the cars drawing up had fractured resulting the rolling back and crashing 5 children

2 Mindbender

This is seen at Galaxyland, a theme park in Alberta,Canada which is known to be one of the most thrilling and deadly rides. The loose bolts resulted in a tragic accident which left three people dead and many more injured

3 Fujin Raijin

Fujin Raijin is a roller coaster in Expoland, Japan. In 2007,  there was an accident that took place courtesy of a cart came off the cart which resulted in death of a man and 19 others were seriously injured

4 Haunted Castle

This tragic accident happened in 1984 at New Jersey. When the fire broke out at that critical time, eight people were trapped and were eventually burnt to death

5 Superman- Tower of Power

This is one of the most disturbing accident that you can ever imagine. The broken cables repeatedly striked a group of teenage girls and the impact was such huge that one girl has got dissected by that cable as her foot came off from her body

6 Cyclone

On Coney Island in 1988 there was a horrible mistake made by the maintenance worker which eventually put him to tragic death. He tried to bypass the safety bars and also stood up in a moving ride because of which he was hit by a crossbeam and fell down from a height of 30 feet


7 Puff The Little Fire Dragon

The tragedy happened when a 6 year old boy fell off to the ground in middle of a ride. The young kid was dead in that accident but not because he fell on the ground as he recovered soon and stood his ground. But it was then, when he was hit by a dragon passing by on his head and died on the spot