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9 Scary attacks of Geese on humans in the public places

Some birds like geese, ducks looks very pretty in appearance and very pleasant in their nature. But do you know they too turn wild sometimes?? yes they do! Generally, these geese are seen in parks and near the rivers and always seems to be interested only in their own works and not troubling the public. But sometimes they turn outrageous and attack the public leaving them in scary situations. Here are some of the dangerous attacks by geese on humans in public

Run as fast as you can

Don’t ever dare to tease the Geese

Almost swallowed the girl

May be she liked his bicycle

What did you did to that Geese?

Seems like she hate the black shirt

Its my arena! what the hell are you doing here?

Nowhere to escape kid

Selfie with a Geese is injurious to health