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Diseases Causing Death Within 24 Hours

Death is the gift given not only by the god.! It may also be given by some of the diseases that are extremely dangerous and can cause death within 24 hours of time.Some of the diseases are even harmful than the others no matter you take the medications are not! This diseases shook the world causing deaths all over the world.Some effect the body as micro organisms as medium and some are caused by the rare insects.So,here are the top harmful killer diseases which are extremely dangerous and can kill within 24 hours.

1.Chagas disease

It enters into human body spread by a tropical insect called as “Kissing bud”.Its speciality is its unpredictable effect on body.It may kill the effected person within a day or after many decades even.

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It is one of those dangerous diseases causing death.According to one study,more than 50% people effected from this disease died from heavy bleeding and vomitings.

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3.Bubonic plague

It killed almost 50 million people in 1300s and said to be present even today! In 2014 it killed almost 130 people.

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4.Necrotizing fasciitis

It is a kind of flesh eating disease which gives the effected persons skin with full of irritation.To remove this,the persons skin layers has to be removed even upto the level showing the muscles!

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5.Dengue fever

The organs of the infected person comes under disfunction very soon and it is caused by one of the species of mosquitoes.

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