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Secret Facts Behind Creative Tv Ads Everyone must know

The views which we are seeing may or may not be true always! untill we know the real fact behind them.Some of the tricks which the company play are so very creative that they can decieve our eyes and tempt us to buy their products.Yes,we are telling about the tv ads that the company shoots and gives the advertisements.Did you thought that products which are shown in the ads and the real products which we  buy are different ? Actually there is a small trick behind every tv ad which makes us to buy that products.Here are the real facts behind tv ads that blow your minds.

1.Fresh milk in ads

The fresh milk we actually see in tv ads are not as fresh as you think.Actually they are not even milk!! The milk so called liquid is made up  of soap water mixed with little bit of milk.!!!!!

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2.Never melting icecream

If we observe the ice creams which are shown in the ads doesn’t melt so quickly and they look like the very delicious ones we ever had .But the real fact is,the so called ice cream is not even an ice cream……     It is the mixture of mashed potatoes and white glue!!!!

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3.Tandoori chicken ?

What are the ingredients are added in chicken tandoori? list them.Wait,did you miss shoe polish in that list? Well,actually the ads in which we are seeing the tandoori ads are coated with polish for better look.

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4.Silky hair

The ads in which we are seeing shining silk hair is not actually real.It is due to the effects which shows that was real.

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The juicy and tasty strawberries we see in the ads are really coated with lipstick,which make them shine and glow like they are shining.

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