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Top Historical Computer Viruses that shocked the whole world.

Computers are used by many companies to manage their businesses.It make the work very simple and it is also used even by the government authorities for many purposes.Some people even consider computers as a part of their lifes and virus attack is like a big nightmare to them all.! Specially if we see,years ago the options to control the viruse are very less and cant be controlled as advance as today.These virus not only cause problems with the software and the operating system.They can even crash the hard disk which is used largely in that time.Here are the most dangerous and unforgettable viruses in the history.

1.Code red

It was which is released in 2001 almost threatened the world with its effect.It infected around 400000 computers all over the world.

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2.I Love You

It was created by philippins and effected the computers in the form of mails.Once after you click the mail it automatically takes all the data and crash the system.caused damage of overĀ five billion dollars.

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It enters the system as a word document in pornographic sites that tempt many people to download it.Once you download it and try to open then finish.! It was created in 1999.

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It is the only virus that used many methods to reach huge amounts of people.It can’t be removed once after the installation and the only way is to pay prescribed amount of money.

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